Junior Teams – 2020 modified season

Juniors commence at 12 noon, this Sunday 21 June 2020.

5-6s and 7-8s play at 12 noon both on Junior (small) field.

9-11s play at 12 noon on the Little Lords (large) field.

12-13s play at 1.15 pm on the Junior (small) field.

14-16s play at 3.00 pm on Little Lords (large) field.

1. Jets
Shirt: Royal Blue
Socks: Black
2. Mariners
Shirt: Gold
Socks: Black

1. Sydney FC
2. Newcastle Jets
3. Adelaide
4. Melbourne
Shirt: Sky Blue
Socks: Black
Shirt: Royal Blue
Socks: Black
Shirt: Red
Socks: Black
Shirt: White
Socks: Black

1. Tottenham Hotspurs2. Aston Villa3. Chelsea4. Liverpool
Shirt: Sky blue
Socks: navy blue
Shirt: Gold/Black Stripe
Socks: Gold/Black Hoop
Shirt: Royal Blue
Socks: Royal Blue
Shirt: Red/White Panel
Socks: Red
*new blue green shirt*new black & gold shirt*new pink shirt*new red shirt
Thanks to Apex Club Esperance and Esperance Tree Lopping for new shirts arriving soon

1. City2. Glory3. U11s TDS
Shirt: Sky blue/Green Pinstripe
Socks: Navy Blue
Shirt: Purple/White
Socks: Purple
Shirt: Red TDS Strip
Socks: Red
Thanks to McDonald’s Junior Sports Grant for half finance for shirts 2019

1. Glory2. City
Shirt: Purple/White
Socks: Purple
Shirt: Sky Blue/Green
Socks: Navy Blue