PreLim Finals Fixtures

The preliminary finals are on this Sunday August 26th.

Please note the start times of the games as they may be different to the regular season start times.

1st Manchester -v- 4th Aston Villa @ 12.00pm on Little Lords Field B
2nd Chelsea -v- 3rd Eleven Mile Beach Estate Liverpool @ 12.00pm on Little Lords Field A

1st 11s TDS -v- 4th Heasman Valencia @ 11.00am
2nd Chris Harris Dental Athletico -v- 3rd Bracknell Family United @ 12.00pm

1st United -v- 4th DMS Diesel Athletico @ 1pm
2nd Esperance Electrical Glory -v- 3rd City @ 2.30pm

1st Castletown -v- Esperance Town @ 4.30pm
2nd West Beach -v- South Coast Mariners @ 6.30pm