Esperance Soccer Association Juniors are open for players between the ages of 5 to 16.

Player age is determined by the age as at Dec 31st in the current calendar year.


The Winter Competition commences the first Sunday after Term 1 school holidays with most games played on Sunday afternoons.  

This level of competition is intended to be fun, social and skill building. Esperance Soccer Association strongly encourages inclusion and tries to accommodate those with additional needs within the framework of its resources.

Competition age groupings are dependant on the registrations received (eg. 5-7s, 8-10s, 8-11s etc, depending on numbers). A maximum of 3 years age difference will be in place for male players.

Team colours – team coloured socks should not be purchased until after the 3rd week of play since teams may be altered up until that time to create a fair and equitable competition.

Please note:
* Parents of players under 8 years of age must remain at the game.
* Shin guards must be worn by all players without exception.
* Only SPORTS glasses may be worn for safety reasons.
* No playing while wearing limb casts.

5-8 year olds

  • Small Sided Games (SSG) designed especially for younger children.
  • 4-5 players on each side compete on a smaller-sized field (20 x 30 m).
  • Players have more contact with the ball because of this which usually results in a rapid increase in skills and insures players are kept busy and active.
  • Small Sided Football meets the developmental needs of younger football players whilst maintaining a strong focus on maximum participation and enjoyment.
  • To keep the game fun and enjoyable, scores are not recorded.
  • Girls are eligible to play down 1 year and there is some leeway for any players who lack confidence or have a disability.

8-16 year olds

  • Competition format with rules outlined by Football West with some adjustments and appropriate to age.
  • Teams are compiled after registrations close and are based on producing teams of even ability.
  • Matches are played weekly with an end of year grand final.
  • Coaches & Managers are voluntary and, once appointed will select a training day during the week.
  • Girls are eligible to play down 1 year and there is some leeway for any players who lack confidence or have a disability.
  • SSG modified rules may be played to 11 years of age. Pitch sizes will increase with age and ability.
For each match, Esperance Soccer Association will supply:Players must supply:
• Playing strip (shirt)
• Training equipment for coach
• Small first aid kit including inhaler
• Football boots (runners ok for 5-8s)
• Shin guards (compulsory)
• Long socks that cover shin guards entirely (compulsory)
• Black shorts
• Water bottle
• Any required medication (especially inhalers)


The Summer Street 4s competition commences the second Sunday in February and is played from 4-5.30pm Sunday afternoons at the Indoor Basketball Stadium.
Players aged 6 and up are welcome – we group ages as best we can (usually U10 and 10+).
Cost is $5.00 per player or $10 per family which goes towards Basketball Stadium Hire.

Street 4s is Indoor Soccer, played 4 v 4 to loud, fast music.
It focuses on skills and team play and is guaranteed to improve your outdoor game.  Teams play a 5 minute, round-robin type format against all other teams.
The number of rounds played depends upon number of teams. There is no referee – players do this themselves and either players or spectators can score.
Points are scored for goals kicked, skills/tricks attempted, making substitutions and by passing the ball 4 or more times in a row.

We encourage parent involvement by spectating, scoring, helping set-up/pack-up, controlling the karaoke machine etc.  Children get a great deal from seeing their parents involved.

Please note:
* Esperance Soccer Association requests that children under 7 years of age are not left unattended.

* Only joggers or shoes with non-marking soles can be worn – NO BOOTS ALLOWED!
Only SPORTS glasses may be worn for safety reasons.
* No playing while wearing limb casts.